Jennifer Spector is an American writer from New York City, living and working in Panama since 1998. Her work embraces the poetics of place and language in dialogue with the natural world. Her projects and collaborations have led her to work from remote communities throughout Panama, most recently in the provinces of Darién and Vergauas. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in journals such as Shearsman, Fulcrum, Alterity One : Being Drawn, Reliquiae: A Journal of Contemporary and Historical Responses to Landscape & Nature, La Vague, Tzak: A Journal of Translational Poetics, Molly Bloom, and in Litmus Magazine. Her poetry has been included in various chapbooks and artists’ books, most recently in Rebecca Clark’s Book of Hours: An Artist’s Book for the Anthropocene, Contemporary Poetry: Nature & Sentience, and in Suelo (vol.1). As Panama correspondent for PSi #21: Fluid States Interoceanic, Jennifer’s reflections and photo essays were published on the conference “ship’s log.”

Currently, she is developing a site–responsive writing collaboration with visual artists, exploring an interchange of art practice and poiesis in response to place, cultural history and traditional crafts on Gobernadora Island in the Gulf of Montijo, Veraguas.

Jennifer graduated from Bennington College, earning her B.A. in Literature and holds an M.A. in Literature from the City College of New York. She has been the recipient of an Academy of American Poets Prize and a Summer Literary Seminars fellowship, and has held residencies at Investigación Colectiva: Alma Performática, and at Suelo – Estudio Nuboso’s arts and human ecology exchange.

Contact: jspectorstudio@gmail.com

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